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Toxicologist Certification

Italian Version

RENTIC - National Register of Italian Certified Toxicologists

Inclusion in the National Register of Italian Certified Toxicologists (RENTIC) aims to recognize high standards of knowledge, skills, experience, and professional standing of scientists engaged in the field of Toxicology.

European Registered Toxicologist (ERT) is a toxicologist who meets specific requirements in education as well as professional skills and has experience in toxicology and applied toxicology.

RENTIC members are "Certified Toxicologists" and they are automatically inserted in the European Register, set up at EUROTOX, and they could use the abbreviation "ERT" - European Registered Toxicologist. The registration is valid for a five-year period after which, to reimain enrolled, it is necessary to provide a request of re-registration.

What are the RENTIC objectives?

  • to recognize expert scientists actively engaged in the multidisciplinary field of Toxicology;
  • to guarantee that Certified Toxicologists maintain high standards of professional expertise;
  • to ensure that the classification "Certified Toxicologists" should be restricted to those who have satisfied the Commision for their competences and professional experience.

For more information, please download the Guidelines or contact RENTIC Organizing Secretariat: muriel.bertomoro@sitox.org and atangolo@segr.it


To consult the EUROTOX Guidelines for registration: http://www.eurotox.com/ert/

Here below you cand find the application form for registration and re-registration.


Institution of a Certification Scheme for the professional figure of the Toxicologist

The Italian Society of Toxicology (SITOX), as an Evaluation Body, in collaboration with AICQ SICEV, as an accredited third-party Certification Body, has defined and activated the Certification Scheme for the professional figure of the Toxicologist.

For more information, please contact the SITOX Organizing Secretariat at: segreteria@sitox.org or visit the AICQ SICEV website.

Here below you cand find the guidelines and the registration form to apply to the SITOX | AICQ SICEV Certification.


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